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Design Research in the Netherlands: Introducing Logarithms Using Realistic Mathematics Education

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Yosi Krisma | 2 years ago

This article describes Realistic Mathematics Education (RME), a design theory for mathematics education

proposed by Hans Freudenthal and developed over 40 years of developmental research at the Freudenthal

Institute for Science and Mathematics Education in the Netherlands. Activities from a unit to develop student

understanding of logarithms are used to exemplify the RME design principle of progressive formalization.

Starting from contexts that elicit students’ informal reasoning, a series of representations and key questions

were used to build connections between informal, pre-formal and formal representations of mathematics.

Student and teacher comments from the pilot of this unit in a College Algebra course at a U.S. community

college suggest this approach may benefit students who have been underserved by traditional approaches to

mathematics instruction.